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My year in review

My year in review

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At the end of each year, as I fill out the last time sheet for 2015 and close down my office for a couple of days, I always think about the past year. Did I meet my goals? Was I able to cross off my resolutions made 12 months earlier? And, if I crossed off my resolutions, was I really fulfilled or was it just another thing to strike through?

For all intents and purposes, 2015 was a tough year for the Siris. With my wife taking on a new job with new and important responsibilities, a responsibility shift occurred in the Siri household. Child-rearing became a delicate balancing act, with daily discussions related to schedules (mine, hers, and each of the two boys). A trickle effect resulted, with work being performed at various hours by the both of us. Late nights were the result of leaving early to get the kids to soccer practice (which were at the same time but at two different locations).  Conference calls in the car became the norm. Sleep deprivation became a necessity in order to get it all done.

I had lofty plans to get in the best shape of my life (after celebrating a milestone birthday), but that was derailed by Achilles tendinitis followed by IT band issues followed by a never-ending parade of holiday parties. I reached a life goal of running a marathon in each of the 13 original colonies, but even that accomplishment felt as if I simply limped across the finish line (which I kind of did).

But, looking back, while tough, it was a good year. Progress was made. A legal victory in arbitration at the beginning of the year was book-ended with a successful trial toward the end.  Clients continued to call for advice (and one even dropped off a fruit cake in appreciation during the holidays). Quality time with the family was plentiful. And I even had a chance to go on a solo hike.

Life is tough when you are in the middle of it – whether the “middle” is your two boys fighting because one touched the other one or because your client has not been paid under the contract. But taking a step back from it all, things look pretty good.

So, here’s to 2015! And here’s to all of us for surviving it – whether your “middle” involved fighting clients, crying babies, meeting billable hours, or being named (or not named) to partner.

And as 2015 closes and 2016 begins, what accomplishment, whether personal or professional are you most proud of in 2015?

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