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(The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

Dropping the Mike: A flashlight upside the head

If you live in or visit Prince George’s County, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller has a piece of advice:

Don’t run from the police.

Miller offered that nugget, which seemed a little reminiscent of a video by comedian Chris Rock,  during an interview Wednesday on the Marc Steiner Annapolis Summit Show following questions about police brutality issues asked by Dayvon Love, policy director of Baltimore-based Leaders of  a Beautiful Struggle. The Daily Record is a media partner for the Annapolis Summit.

The Senate president made the comments while discussing proposed changes from a task force on policing.

Miller said that some of the issues of police brutality may be more particular to Baltimore than in other areas and that there were not a large number of complaints coming from areas such as Prince George’s County.

“I’m sure it’s there in certain areas, but we haven’t had those issues,” Miller said. “It hasn’t come to the forefront in the least bit from these elected officials or the citizens of Prince George’s County,” Miller said. “I don’t hear from them.”


Steiner followed up by asking him if he believed that blacks and other minorities have been mistreated by the police.

“The mistreatment of everybody exists,” Miller said. “If you flee from a police officer, in the old days in Prince George’s County if they’ve got to chase you at 90 mph, 100 mph, 5 mph, guess what? They hit you with a flashlight. You got out of the car they took a flashlight and whacked you across the head. Nobody objected. Times have changed. Now, they treat you with a little bit more discretion, a little lenient.”

Steiner responded that he “hoped things had changed” as Miller suggested.

“Those things have happened,” Miller said. “It is what it is. You don’t want to flee from a police officer in Prince George’s County, I can tell you that.”

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  1. Mike Miller is straight up speaking reality to you,all! THAT WASN’T A RACIAL THING EITHER case in point , Marvin Peale !

    That name,alone would bring out Leroy Brown , Superman stories !