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Dropping the Mike: In the Garden of Eden

Dropping the Mike: In the Garden of Eden

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Maryland used to be known as America in Miniature but perhaps we just don’t know how good we’ve got it.

How about: Maryland, The Garden of Eden state?

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is scheduled to deliver his second State of the State address tomorrow at noon and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller knows exactly what he’d tell legislators if he were giving the speech.

Last year, Miller was angered and criticized Hogan for delivering a speech that he said caused partisan division and for giving what he characterized as a campaign speech.

This year, the long-time leader of the Senate is looking for something a little more shiny and happy.

“I would smile and I would tell them what a  great state this is,” Miller said. “It’s the best state in the union. We’ve got everything here. Higher education, K-12, We’ve got the natural resources. We’ve got jobs. We’ve got infrastructure. We’ve got transportation. We’ve got a triple A bond rating. We have the highest income of any state in the union. The lowest poverty of any state in the union. This is utopia. This is a garden of Eden. We’re going to continue to make it that way.”

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