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Hogan: Several legislators ‘won’t survive this vote’

Gov. Larry Hogan Tuesday said he does not take the legislative overrides of the vetoes of six bills and a spending item personally but predicted some Democrats will face retribution at the ballot box.

Hogan made his comments shortly after the Senate voted to override a veto on a bill that restores the right to vote to convicted felons serving parole and probation.

“We’re making some progress but obviously we still need bipartisan reform,” said Hogan. “We’re going to have to do something about the legislature.”

Hogan made his comments in between bites of lunch with Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford. Both men had the soup named after Hogan — “Bipartisan Crab Soup,” a 50-50 mixture of Maryland Crab and Cream of Crab soup.

A few hours earlier, the Senate voted 29-18 on a House and Senate Bill that restores voting eligibility to an estimated 40,000 people who are convicted felons serving parole or probation sentences.

The issue was the last of Hogan’s vetoes to be overturned by the General Assembly.

“I don’t take it personally but I think most Marylanders are going to be pretty upset by it,” Hogan said. “There’s only a tiny minority, a tiny radical minority of people in Maryland who want current felons to vote. they just went against an overwhelming super majority of people in the state of both parties.”

And that could result in voters seeking retribution in November 2018, Hogan said.

“They can’t keep ignoring the will of the people,” Hogan said. “I think there are several people who won’t survive this vote.”