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Torts — Motor torts — Proximate cause

Appellant, Mariah Farouq, appeals from the judgment of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City to grant appellee, Officer Bryan Andrew Curran’s, Motion for Summary Judgment. The case arises from an automobile accident that occurred on February 8, 2012, when Farouq was struck and injured while waiting at a bus stop by a police veh icle operated by Officer Curran which skidded as a result of wet road conditions. On or about February 19, 2014, Farouq filed a Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial in the circuit court alleging that Officer Curran’s negligence led to the collision and was the proximate cause of her injuries.

After discovery was conducted and completed by both parties, Officer Curran filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on January 16, 2015, arguing that Farouq failed to generate sufficient evidence to establish his negligence as the proximate cause of her injuries. Farouq filed a Response contesting Officer Curran’s argument. The circuit court heard the Motion for Summary Judgment on February 27, 2015. It found that there was not enough evidence to generate a legitimate dispute of material facts as to Officer Curran’s negligence and granted the motion.

Farouq then filed this timely appeal, presenting the following question: Did the trial court commit reversible error by granting the Appellee his Motion for Summary Judgment?

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