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Del. C. Williiam Frick (The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)


He’s lurking in the shadows. Maybe he’s even sitting right next to his next victim — an unsuspecting legislator who makes the mistake of leaving their laptops open and logged into  social media accounts.

That’s when Del. Bill Frick strikes.

And that’s what happened to Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, D-Harford County, after she made the mistake of leaving her laptop open and logged into her Facebook account while she was away from the House Economic Matters Committee.

Frick, a Montgomery County Democrat and opportunistic prankster, seized the moment to post a message on her account.

“Since joining the General Assembly, I have been blessed to have an incredible mentor. Bill Frick is simply the ideal legislator. He’s smart, conscientious, passionate about helping people, and the last person to ever engage in practical jokes. Seriously.”

Frick sits next to Lisanti in the committee room.

It’s estimated that Frick has done this to at least a dozen other legislators. Lawmakers refer to the prank as being “Fricked” even as the alleged perpetrator attempts to fein ignorance.

“I don’t know what you are suggesting,” Frick said in a text message to a reporter. “But certainly a dozen or so colleagues have made spontaneous statements of admiration on social media over the years.”

Lisanti was spotted by a reporter leaving the State House and was unaware that she was the latest victim. She acknowledged that she had left her laptop open and now understood the cryptic message Frick had texted her earlier.

“Pay backs can be interesting,” she said with a laugh.