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Strong sales of footwear, like the Under Armour Speedform Apollo running shoes, have driven the company’s revenue growth. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Your running shoes are getting smarter

For better or worse, running shoes are getting smarter. Especially if you’re pre-ordering Under Armour’s Speedform Gemini 2 Record running shoes. Currently available for pre-order and shipping on Feb. 29, the shoe has a built-in chip that will track the wearer’s workouts including  time, duration and distance. That information will connect to the MapMyRun app. The sneakers cost $149.99, $20 more than their less intelligent counterparts.

But the Baltimore sportswear brand isn’t the only one investing in these “smart” shoes. Samsung, a company better known for making anything but running shoes, is about to launch its own version of smart athletic shoes called IOFIT. Coming from Samsung’s in-house start-up arm, Salted Venture, the IOFIT uses accelerometers and pressure sensors in the outsoles of the shoes to measure balance, weight shift and other metrics helpful for golfing, running and weightlifting, the company said.

The data is updated and analyzed through a smartphone app, ideally used on a Galaxy phone, if Samsung has its way.