Four ways to cultivate leaders

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A strong, focused and driven leader is crucial to the success of any business. With the right combination of doing and being, leadership need not be limited to the C-suite. Leadership and leaders can and should go beyond the executive team. In fact, emerging leaders can often be found throughout an organization at any level.

At Take Shape For Life, we have a strong focus on developing leaders within our organization. We’re so passionate about providing our team and Health Coaches with opportunities for growth that we dedicated our entire four-day Go Global conference in Baltimore earlier this year to sharing effective methods to cultivate leaders.

In order to grow leaders from within and build a stronger, more profitable business, here are my top four strategies to cultivate leaders.

Create a leadership culture

Create a culture where leadership behaviors, not title or rank, is valued. Contrary to popular belief, a title doesn’t make someone a leader. A leader is someone who can inspire by example, rally the troops in times of distress and motivate through actions and words.

If you can create a culture where these qualities, and the ability to put them into action, are what lead to career advancement, you’ll attract leaders to your company. People want to work where they know their contributions and skills are valued.

Encourage employees to seek their full potential

The most successful leaders recognize talent in others and identify ways to cultivate new leaders through mentorship and sponsorship.

For those who see themselves as leaders, it’s important to show them the possibilities that lie ahead. Make them feel that, with their hard work and commitment, there is a career path available to them where they can put their talents to use. Otherwise, they will feel stymied, disengaged and ultimately decide to leave your company.

For those who might not identify as leaders, but still possess leadership qualities, it’s important not to limit their potential.

Give employees the resources to become leaders

This can mean many things. It could mean creating a mentoring program where current leaders seek out future leaders and help guide their careers. It could mean providing a flexible work environment so that working parents have the time to grow into their roles while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

It could also mean changing the ways you evaluate employees. Instead of using only quantitative methods, introduce qualitative measures such as engagement, passion or commitment.

Additional resources can help. Tap your HR department to provide training or support. Invest in outside resources that can help train leaders in a specific field, like direct selling.

Inspire new leaders

Leadership isn’t about control or power. The best leaders have the ability to create more leaders. To do this, inspire others through your words and actions. Leaders talk the talk and walk the walk. They act with humility and integrity in a way that others notice, respect and emulate.

Leaders don’t dictate. They relate. They get people and teams to focus on the future, work together and move the business, not just themselves, forward. True leaders inspire others to be leaders themselves.

Cultivating leaders isn’t just about individual advancement. It’s about creating a solid future for your company. By attracting, motivating, training and elevating leaders, you’re creating a company that is built to succeed.

Mona Ameli, president of Take Shape For Life, has nearly 20 years of experience in the Consumer Goods, Beauty, Health & Wellness industries with direct-to-consumer organizations, worldwide. Ameli spent more than 16 years of her successful career in cross-functional, management and executive leadership roles working with some of the largest companies in the industry. Direct Selling News ranked her among the Top 20 Most Influential Women in the Direct Selling Industry in 2012-2013.


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