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Baltimore City Hall
Baltimore City Hall (The Daily Record/Lauren Rock)

Ex-Baltimore police officer, accused of slitting dog’s throat, to receive back pay

A retired Baltimore police officer who was acquitted last year of animal cruelty charges for slitting a dog’s throat will receive more than $45,000 in back pay for the nine months he was suspended without pay.

Jeffrey Bolger was charged in connection with the June 2014 death of a 7-year-old Shar-Pei after responding to a report that the dog had bitten a pregnant woman. Bolger’s lawyers argued the dog was already lifeless by the time Bolger acted. They also argued Bolger was authorized to euthanize the dog under the city health code because the dog had caused a puncture wound and Animal Control had not arrived on the scene despite numerous requests.

Had the dog escaped, the woman would have had to undergo rabies testing, which Bolger understood could harm her unborn child, according to court filings.

A Baltimore City Circuit judge found Bolger not guilty of all charges in November.

The back pay is listed on this week’s Board of Estimates agenda, which will be voted on Wednesday.