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What’s in your purse? — MaryBeth Hyland

Hyland, MarybethMF08new copyAs MaryBeth Hyland was pulling items from her purse, most were pretty standard. Android phone. Kleenex. Sunglasses.

Some were not so standard, including what appeared to be a silver snail figurine.

“It’s actually a tape measure,” said Hyland, who recently left the United Way of Central Maryland, where she ran the organization’s Emerging Leaders United program, to start her own firm, SparkVision. “I just started woodworking classes.”

Since first starting classes in September, she has built a table and chair and now has plans to build a wine cellar in her basement.

Hyland says she started taking woodworking around the time she started her own business.

“When I started my company, I decided to own all aspects of life,” she said.
Hyland, MarybethMF11new1In each issue of Path to Excellence, we’ll ask a successful woman, “What’s in your purse?”
The tape measure isn’t the only clue in her purse that she’s a changed woman since becoming an entrepreneur.

The Brick Bodies membership card on her keys is a reminder that when she started her own company she made her health a top priority.

“I’m going more than I have in years,” she said of the gym.

The purse, she got from her sister, Stephanie Mykonos, about five years ago. Hyland says her family does a “recycled Christmas,” in which family members give each other items they already have. Hyland got the purse from her sister and wears it so much she’s had the strap replaced twice.

“It’s a really good re-gift,” Hyland said.

  1. Card holder. “I couldn’t shut my wallet. I had too many cards.”
  2. Wallet with a court document from the day she became a foster parent, April 2, 2014.
  3. Scuba card. “You never know when you have to dive in.”
  4. Snail tape measure. “I just started wood-working classes.”
  5. Change purse. “I always give exact change.”
  6. Lipstick/lipgloss. “I always like multiple options of color.”
  7. Keys
  8. Portable phone charger from AJ Billing
  9. “Tribes” by Seth Godin. “My Bible for work.”
  10. Android phone with a photo with her husband, James Hyland, on a recent trip to Iceland.
  11. Purell
  12. Kleenex. “I started tutoring at Reading Partners. The girl I tutor has a runny nose.”
  13. Live United sunglasses from her time at the United Way of Central Maryland. “It gave me the platform to do what I do today.”
  14. Wallet. “I’ve never really spent money on a wallet.”
  15. Program for Philanthropic Education Organization. “I’m the fourth generation of women in my family to be a member.”
  16. Hair tie. “Always need to have one on hand especially since I’m going to the gym again.”
  17. Yogi tea. “I don’t drink coffee. This has the same amount of caffeine as coffee.”
  18. Sheppard Pratt pen
  19. Business card
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