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(The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

Dropping the Mike: ‘I’d rather vote for the liar’

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. Monday had tough words for Donald Trump as well as the state director of the Ted Cruz campaign.

Miller made the comments after Sen. Michael Hough, R-Frederick and Carroll, introduced David Serenda, Cruz’s Maryland campaign director, and made a joke about Democratic presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton not appearing in Annapolis as rumored.

“I thought that would be your second choice,” Hough said of Cruz.

Miller, who is a supporter of Clinton, disagreed.

“Quite frankly, it’s really not,” Miller said. “He’s my fourth choice to tell you the truth.”

Miller went on to criticize Republican contender Donald Trump.

“Trump used to be a moderate,” Miller said. “Now he’s telling all these lies to make people think he’s right wing. I’m hoping if he does win he’ll resort back to his old self. ”

But apparently that didn’t move Cruz above Trump on Miller’s list of presidential hopefuls.

“I’d rather vote for the liar than this guy (Cruz),” Miler said.”That’s the truth. That’s just me.”

Before Miller moved on with the session, he did attempt to soften his comments.

“I apologize to the gentleman up there,” Miller said to Serenda. “I over-spoke.”