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A happy client is a returning client

It’s been approximately four months since the last swearing-in. If you’re a new admittee, by now you may feel much more comfortable and confident in your practice than you did on the first day. That confidence may dim ever so slightly when you first meet your client and he or she asks, “How long have you been practicing?”

Unfortunately, your baby face has betrayed you and your client knows that you haven’t been at it for very long. Here are a few tips that may make you appear wise beyond your years:

  1. When meeting with your client, listen carefully, try not to appear distracted and always maintain eye contact. If you are taking notes during the meeting (which you should), always let your client know you are jotting down key notes.
  2. Ask your client if he or she has ever gone through the litigation process. If he or she hasn’t, then this is a wonderful opportunity to show your client that you are familiar with it.  Give your client an idea of the timelines, documents that may be filed and a brief overview of what typically happens at trial.
  3. Keep your client updated. This one is very important. An individual will get nervous and/or worried if he or she hasn’t heard from his or her attorney for some time. Even if nothing has transpired since you last spoke with your client, it’s great to let your client know that his case is on your radar. If you keep your clients updated, their confidence level will significantly increase because they know that they’re receiving the attention they deserve.
  4. Prepare your clients well in advance of any proceedings. Schedule a time to discuss what will transpire at a deposition, trial or other proceeding that requires his or her attendance. This is especially helpful for the client whose only experience with litigation is what he or she has seen on television.
  5. End each conversation by giving your client a chance to ask you questions or provide you with any updates.
  6. Know your case inside and out, and research the issues thoroughly. This might be obvious, but you should stay updated on recent decisions and trends in law.

Whether you have a baby face or are a more seasoned look, your clients will immensely appreciate when they are receiving the attention they deserve. If they feel as if they’re in good hands, then they won’t hesitate to put their friends and family in your good hands as well.