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Here are the 21 greatest quotes from Md.’s 2016 legislative session

“Hey this is Annapolis. You could have the cure for cancer and they [the Democrats] would kill it.”

— Sen. J.B. Jennings, R-Baltimore and Harford counties and Senate minority leader, on the chances that Democrats will support Gov. Larry Hogan’s tax and fee cut proposals


“In listening to the back and forth, the words of noted marijuana expert Jeff Spicoli came to mind because we’ve heard some totally bogus arguments about this bill.”

— Del. Herb H. McMillan, R-Anne Arundel County, referring to the celebrated stoner of ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ during debate on the veto override of SB 517, the decriminalization of marijuana paraphernalia


“Let him push the [voting] buttons. It won’t make any difference, believe me.”

— Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. speaking to Sen. J.B. Jennings R-Harford County. Jennings brought his son Friday because of closures related to the impending snowstorm


Warren Deschenaux. (File)

Warren Deschenaux. (File)

“Luxuriate in it. This is what it looks like when you have money.”

— Warren Deschenaux, the legislature’s top budget analyst, speaking to fiscal leaders in the House of Delegates and Senate about a chart showing that the state’s short-term fiscal outlook features revenue that outpaces spending


Gov. Larry Hogan. (File)


“There are provisions for cooling in the winter — you just open a window.”

— Gov. Larry Hogan, responding to questions about the meaning of a proposed change in state rules that would allow state funds to be used to purchase window air conditioning units in classrooms that lack adequate temperature control


“Getting rid of this song would whitewash the unique history of the state and put it on the gallows of historical cleansing.”

— Jay Barringer, the commander of the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans, during a House committee hearing on potential changes to the state song, “Maryland, My Maryland.”


8a QUOTES Pendergrass, Shane3MF

Del. Shane Pendergrass. (File)

“We certainly have a right to go out and blow our brains out today.”

Del. Shane Pendergrass, D-Howard, responding to a question in committee about whether there was currently a right to commit suicide, during a hearing on a bill allowing doctor-assisted death for some terminally ill patients


“It seems like only yesterday when we were here last year.”

— Joseph Bartenfelder, Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary, in his opening remarks in opposition to a bill that would require chicken companies to assume the costs of excess waste at farms with which they contract


“I’ll put one of those cameras up in his office and he can talk to it all day long. I’m not big on showboating. That’s not my middle name. I’m not a show horse, I’m a work horse. I get the goddamn job done.”

— Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., in his response to Gov. Larry Hogan announcing support for a bill requiring video of legislative sessions to be live streamed on the Internet


“The party with the incentive to act doesn’t have the power. The party with the power has no incentive to act.”

— Sen. Jamin B. “Jamie” Raskin, D-Montgomery, on legislation aimed at changing legislative redistricting in Maryland


“Quite frankly, with all that’s going on, I’m ready for a spring break. Love to have one.”

— Gov. Larry Hogan, commenting on his hot-and-cold relationship with some lawmakers and earlier comments he made on a radio show comparing the General Assembly to rowdy college students on spring break


“What idiots.”

— Gov. Larry Hogan, in a Feb. 5 email to a staffer about a reporter’s story on a budget matter. The email was one of hundreds the Associated Press obtained from Hogan and leading lawmakers over a week’s time in a Public Information Act request as part of a Sunshine Week initiative


“It really is clear that Hogan Derangement Syndrome is rapidly spreading through the General Assembly, and I’d advise them to seek medical attention immediately.”

— Douglass Mayer, the governor’s spokesman, in response to lawmakers’ complaints that administration officials are avoiding testifying on bills


Sen. Thomas M. “Mac” Middleton (File)

Sen. Thomas M. “Mac” Middleton (File)

“I’ve been in office for 30 years, I just would be happy to have a landfill or sewage treatment plant named for me.”

— Sen. Thomas M. “Mac” Middleton, D-Charles and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, responding to a suggestion that his work to secure a replacement for the Gov. Harry W. Nice Bridge should be rewarded by naming the new bridge, should it be built, after him


Mr. Speaker, I had a chance to vote for Beyonce but I’m settling for Phyllis Diller.”

— Del. Haven Shoemaker, R-Carroll County, on an amended version of a fee-reduction bill proposed by Gov. Larry Hogan


“This Jewish holiday follows the script for most Jewish holidays, which is: They oppressed us. We escaped. Let’s eat.”

— Sen. Jamin B. ‘Jamie’ Raskin, talking about the Purim holiday and the distribution of hamentashen, a traditional pastry associated with the holiday


“I’m coming home, honey, to give you dinner on Monday nights.”

— Lynne B. Porter, who is retiring after 29 years as the reading clerk, on her husband who has had ‘to endure takeout’ on Monday nights during three decades of legislative sessions. The Senate honored Porter with a citation for her 31 years of total service


“I think I’m the oldest member of this Senate now. You’re keeping my brain going.”

— Sen Delores G. Kelley, D-Baltimore County, on her work as floor leader on the pay equity bill


“I have to adjourn back to the House. Senator Miller is telling (the delegates) stories and if they get too out of hand I’ll never get them back under control.”

— House Speaker Michael E. Busch, to the members of the Maryland Senate. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. played a prank on the legislature on April Fool’s Day by swapping roles and briefly acting as presiding officer in the opposite chamber


“If they can’t see the folly of their ways, let them understand the consequences of their actions.”

— Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., on sending a bill on police oversight back to committee until some Baltimore City legislators give up attempts to amend the legislation


“The only thing silent about Franchot is the last letter in my name.”

— Comptroller Peter V. R. Franchot, responding to lawmakers’ move to allow educators to skip testifying at Board of Public Works’ meetings and avoid Franchot’s and others’ inquisitions.