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Gov. Larry Hogan speaks to a class at Towson University. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

Hogan ‘angry’ with both parties

Gov. Larry Hogan has a bone to pick over partisan politics, and it’s not just with Democrats.

Hogan, Maryland’s second Republican governor since Theodore R. McKeldin left office in 1959, told students at Towson University Tuesday that politics is becoming too polarized and it’s no longer limited to Washington, D.C.

“I was elected with a mandate to change things,” said Hogan, adding that some in Annapolis are willing to work with him while others fight to maintain the status quo.

He also said he has tried to “disagree without being disagreeable —” his success at any given time might be judged by legislative reaction to his social media posts.

But Hogan said political polarization is creeping down Route 50 and finding it’s way out of Washington and into the state capital.

“We have some of it in Annapolis, and it’s both parties,” Hogan said “You have some Republicans over here and some Democrats over here that won’t talk to each other, that just throw rocks and call names and won’t work with each other and most people are in the middle saying, ‘Just get something done.'”

“We have it in both parties,” Hogan said. “I’m angry at both of them.”