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Playing the MDEC blame game

There seems to be a lot of blame being placed on MDEC these days: some justified, some not.

The Maryland Judiciary launched a new e-filing interface April 4. It looks different and, perhaps, fancier but seems to have the same functionality as the old version. In fact, the newer version seems to be running a little slower on my computer than the older version. The unofficial consensus with e-filing is that for larger civil litigation cases it is easier and more straightforward than paper filing. When it comes to district court cases (the criminal defense and assault cases that I do) it seems like e-filing, at this point, is extra work. You have to e-file and you have to send a paper copy to prosecutors. Before, you just had to lick a couple of envelopes and be done with it.

I always tell myself that I should try not to complain about MDEC or blame MDEC for this or that. But it seems that blaming MDEC has become a crutch for lawyers of late.

E-filing is mandatory in Anne Arundel County, where talking about the weather and blaming MDEC for trivial things are also mandatory points of discussion.

Couldn’t get a postponement? MDEC did it.

Didn’t file your appearance? MDEC did it.

Went to the wrong courthouse? MDEC did it.

Missed a court date in another jurisdiction? MDEC did it.

Your client was issued a bench warrant? MDEC did it.

A witness was wrongly subpoenaed to appear for every bail review? MDEC did it.

Trump is leading the polls? MDEC did it.

Ravens lost? MDEC did it.

Milli Vanilli would blame it on MDEC, not the rain.

MDEC might be a reason but it shouldn’t be an excuse. According to one judge who is being sarcastic, “it is the wonderful world of MDEC”.

It’s far from perfect but its not the apocalypse. And it’s certainly not an excuse. Blaming your dog for eating your motion might be better.