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What’s In Your Purse: Julia Timofeyeva

In each issue of Path to Excellence, we ask a successful woman, “What’s in your purse?”

(The Daily Record / Maxmilian Franz)

For Julia Timofeyeva, the brand of a purse isn’t nearly as important as what it can carry.

As chief risk officer for Mariner Finance, a consumer finance lender headquartered in Baltimore, Timofeyeva uses her quantitative analysis skills to make sure the company’s loans meet the firm’s return requirements.

Timofeyeva’s purse must be large enough to fit her laptop computer, which she takes everywhere, and other objects that help her balance her family and work lives.

“I feel like as a working mom, it’s sort of liberating to be able to take your work anywhere with you and do it on your own time,” Timofeyeva said of the purse. “And I love both my work and my family, so it’s all got to fit in one bag.”

Some of the items she carries — such as toys, hair ties, stain stick, and hair detangling brush — are essential for a mother with two daughters. Others, like the laptop, a British magazine, and a book of essays by scientists, offer intellectual stimulation or the ability to work when she needs to.

“I often can’t wait to crack open my laptop and work on something that I have been thinking through all day,” she said. “And when I finally do, it feels like I am just having fun solving a puzzle!”

Timofeyeva wanted to take part in this feature for Path to Excellence, because it would give her the opportunity to promote math jobs to other women. “I don’t think there are enough women in this line of work and I think there should be more,” she said. “There are so many cool jobs that you can do with math and statistics.”

She hopes someone reading this feature will talk to their daughters about careers in math.

When asked whose purse she would like readers to see, she suggested Barbara Cox, a realtor from Henslee Conway Real Estate who convinced Timofeyeva and her family to move to Baltimore from Washington.

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