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Governors: They’re just like us!

Scott MacMullan//May 5, 2016

Governors: They’re just like us!

By Scott MacMullan

//May 5, 2016

So last Friday afternoon, my friend Darshan and I were enjoying the beautiful weather. We had coffee at City Dock Coffee in Annapolis and were replaying our courthouse weeks to each other. Well-caffeinated and adequately caught up, we hopped into Darshan’s car for the short drive to South Street, which is where I practice criminal law right next to the courthouse on Church Circle. The governor’s mansion is on Church Circle as well.

As Darshan turned to get on the Circle, I, out of the corner of my eye, spied a friendly-looking gentleman with not much hair on the governor’s mansion’s lawn. It was, in fact, Larry Hogan himself. He was out walking his dog, polo shirt untucked, relaxed and seemed to be enjoying life and the weather. I reached for phone, fumbled it and missed a great candid shot that  would have made famous photographer Aubrey Bodine jealous. I excitedly told Darshan to drive around Church Circle one more time so I could get the candid shot. Darshan laughed but humored me. We drove around the circle, not hitting any lights. It felt like we were in “European Vacation.”

Alas, by the time we got around the circle, my phone was dead. But there he was, our governor, cleaning up after his dog. I tried to put down the window and yell something witty and appropriate to him about his situation or to ask him on the podcast I have. I think it would be interesting to interview him on something other than the usual politics. To see what he is really about.

Hate him or love him, you can’t deny the governor’s ability to relate. He’s gone through so much with cancer, he has been “caught” out enjoying a beer or two in Annapolis — he’s not the type to be afraid of picking up a little dog poop.


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