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Administrative law — Termination of employment — Failure to state a claim

Appellant Dennis Talbot was hired as a school bus driver by Barber Transportation in August 2011. Through Barber Transportation’s contract with the Baltimore City Public Schools (“BCPS”), Mr. Talbot transported special needs students in the BCPS system to and from school. On June 1, 2012, Mr. Talbot received a parking ticket on his personal vehicle which he had parked in one of the bus parking spaces while he was at work. Mr. Talbot subsequently wrote a letter, which included racial epithets and very specific threats to mutilate the meter maid, and mailed the letter along with his parking ticket to the Baltimore City Parking Fines Section.

On June 22, 2012, Mr. Talbot was notified by his employer that Steven James of the Transportation Department for the BCPS had sent Barber Transportation a letter informing them that Mr. Talbot was disqualified from driving school buses for BCPS because of the letter he wrote. Mr. Talbot claimed not to have any knowledge of the letter, explaining that at the time he wrote it, he was under the influence of prescribed Dilaudid and Ambien for his sciatic nerve pain and sleeping difficulties. …

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