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Baltimore-based entreQuest, a management consultancy with a focus on talent acquisition, has named Eliza Graham as the firm’s chief impact officer. Graham will play a large role in maintaining and organizing Shift, eQ’s startup. Shift, formerly Maverick Local, is an invitation-only network of Baltimore-area entrepreneurs who collaborate monthly to share breakthrough ideas, support local businesses and co-create a noteworthy community impact. Graham is responsible for driving eQ’s vision for Shift by connecting members of the business community; growing Shift’s membership and creating experiences that impact both members’ businesses and the community.

Eliza Graham, chief impact officer with entreQuest.

Eliza Graham, chief impact officer with entreQuest.


Resides in:


Works in:

Baltimore (Harbor East)


Florida State University

How did you develop a passion for public service? 

My grandmother taught me the importance of treating people simply like human beings. As a teenager, I learned the power of this simple, yet important notion from volunteering in soup kitchens and seeing firsthand how homeless men and women would light up when treated with dignity.

If you had not chosen marketing as a profession, what profession would you choose and why?

I’m a news junkie and almost became a news reporter. If I had chosen that path, I would have been an investigative reporter. I love uncovering the truth!

Favorite vacation:

Alpine skiing in Colorado

When I want to relax, I …

Spend as much time as possible outside, with my dogs, fishing, hiking, skiing and at rare times riding my motorcycle (getting one seemed like a good idea at the time!).

Favorite book:

“Love,” by Leo Buscaglia. This book is an examination of the delicate phenomenon of human love as the one unifying force of life.

Favorite movie:

“It’s a Wonderful Life.” I love the simplicity of the time and the message that we are all here for a reason and impacting the world in our own small ways.

Favorite quotation:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?”


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