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Gov. Larry Hogan. (file)

Hogan pleased with Lever resignation

The outgoing executive director of the state’s Interagency Committee on School Construction shouldn’t wait until September to leave his position.

So says Gov. Larry Hogan, who on Thursday said there was no reason for Lever, who has served in the position since 2003, to wait to vacate his job.

“We were very pleased with his resignation,” Hogan said. “My only regret is that it doesn’t take effect immediately. There’s really no reason for him to stay until September 1.”

(Watch Hogan’s news conference here.)

Hogan’s comments come one day after Lever resigned in a scathing two-page letter in which he criticized Hogan and Comptroller Peter V.R. Franchot for withholding $15 million in school construction money for Baltimore County and Baltimore City in an ongoing feud over air conditioning for roughly 4,000 classrooms.

David Lever (File)

David Lever (File)

“It appears that the Board of Public Works intends to use its authority over capital funding to compel school systems to meet its objectives, irrespective of whether those objectives align with local priorities and the recommendations of the (committee),” Lever wrote. “It also appears that a majority of the Board of Public Works members have no interest in being informed on critical matters by local school superintendents and other school officials, the individuals who have the responsibility to weigh the complex factors that intersect around school facilities and to determine the outcomes that best meet the needs of their students and their communities. The disrespect with which these dedicated, serious officials were treated at the meeting of May 11 is no less than astonishing.”

“I find that I cannot be a party to this degradation of a school construction program that I have worked hard to advance in professionalism and comprehensiveness,” Lever continued.

(Read Lever’s letter here.)

Hogan did not mince words when it came to expressing his displeasure with Lever.

“He’s a major part of the problem,” Hogan said of Lever. “Quite frankly, anyone who has the arrogance and sense of entitlement that they don’t feel that they have to be accountable to the Board of Public Works, to the people that are overseeing these things, does not deserve to be working in state government. So, we’re happy to see him go.”