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Did your favorite Baltimore restaurant pass its health inspection?

Before going to a new restaurant people typically check out reviews on Yelp. Now, with a new portal unveiled by the Baltimore City Health Department, users can also see if a restaurant in the city has passed all of its health inspections.

Launched Tuesday by City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen and Councilman Brandon M. Scott, the Restaurant Inspection Portal lets users look up a restaurant’s inspection records as of Jan. 1, 2016.

“This portal puts Baltimore on par with the rest of the country,” said Scott, adding that many major cities have had a portal like this for nearly a decade. “The results should be readily available to the taxpayers.”

Previously, if residents wanted to look at a restaurant’s inspection records, they would have to call 311 or put in a request with the Health Department to dig up that information, said Scott.

“It should be available much quicker than that.”

Any restaurant that is licensed with the city should be searchable on the portal, Scott said.