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Properties to watch in Maryland

This Baltimore apartment building’s history handled with care

Exterior of 1100 Whitelock Street, Baltimore (Alex Cooper photo)

Exterior of 1100 Whitelock Street, Baltimore (Alex Cooper photo)

Address: 1100 Whitelock St., Baltimore

Height: Four stories

Listing price: Auction

Units: Nine

Contact: Matthew Cooper, Alex Cooper Auctioneers Inc.



This nine-unit apartment building, with its unique orientation, in the historic Reservoir Hill neighborhood offers an intriguing investment opportunity because of the quality of recent renovations.

The building at 1100 Whitelock St., underwent a complete gut renovation about 10 years ago that complied with the neighborhood’s historic regulations.

“It is probably, in that neighborhood, I won’t say everywhere … that is the nicest renovation of a historic building that I’ve ever seen. They did everything right,” Matthew Cooper, broker at Alex Cooper Auctioneers, said.

Upgrades made at the property range from replacing all the windows in the building to installing radiant wall and floor heating that provides adequate heat in a building with ceilings that can be as high as 13 feet.

The property is set to go to auction at 11 a.m. on June 21. An open house is scheduled at noon on Tuesday.

Rents on the apartments range from $800 to $1,095 a month. The scheduled gross annual rent could reach $109,440 a year if a studio apartment that is used as an office is rented as an apartment.

Local business leaders and elected officials have long wanted to see area redeveloped as the steel production at the site dwindled over the decade before eventually ceasing altogether.