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Town Hall, iconic College Park watering hole, gets new owner

Town Hall, the iconic College Park liquor store and tavern, is slated to get a new owner and a face-lift.

The historic Baltimore Avenue business has been a bar and local institution since 1949. It was purchased by the John Burdoo, father of current owner, Ron Burdoo, in 1959. Ron Burdoo wanted to sell the bar upon retiring to North Carolina. The deal was facilitated by Rory S. Coakley of Coakley Realty.

For decades, the “roadhouse tavern” has been a mainstay for University of Maryland students, employees and local residents.

The new owner, Ashuta Tandon, plans to maintain the business and retain its client base while making it more appealing to college students. Tandon plans to balance those two interests by changing the outside of the building to add University of Maryland colors and install a new lighted sign. He’s also going to update the interior seating and decor and expand the craft beer menu, among other upgrades, said Coakley Realty.

Tandon owns another liquor store in Upper Marlboro.

“The owner wanted to retire, but was also passionate about keeping the historic property operating and maintaining its landmark status,” Coakley told The Diamondback. “We were able to find a buyer interested in doing just that, while also excited to improve the property going forward.”

Renovations at Town Hall began this week with plans to reopen the second week of August.


  1. Yeah right…lets see, it’s the final days of September, Home Coming is this weekend. Didn’t apply for their for permits ’til mid August and they’re no where near opening today, maybe by Halloween, Thanksgiving…
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the joint and what they’re doing is lookin’ pretty good…but WTF! Get the freakin’ lead out!
    …I’m just sayin’

  2. This bar was my Mom and Dad’s (Joe and Gertrude Burdoo’s) until 2012 when Mom died and my brother, Ron, bought it from the will.

    So sorry to have seen my Mom and Dad’s labors gone down throughout the years that they were not running it. Glad it has a new owner though and may regain some of the glory that my parent’s blood, sweat and tears put into the place.

    Town Hall was very good to my family. I wish the new owner only the best.

  3. I remember when the police tank ran through the building!!! Loved town hall. Good luck in your retirement. I wish the new owners don’t change to much. Loved pinball, pool, darts, and keno!!