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There was a moment of sadness in the Jacobs household one recent morning when I felt my heel touch the kitchen floor. I was wearing socks at the time, so the hole in the sole meant the socks were headed straight to the great hamper in the sky.

These were not just any socks, however; they were foot coverings I wear to bed, “pajama socks” in layman’s terms. They were just old running socks, so replacing them would not be an issue.

(Before we go any further: Yes, I wear socks to bed. Yes, even in this heat and humidity. And, yes, my wife has pointed out how silly that can be sometimes. C’est la feet.)

But I’ve discovered a way to up my pajama sock game, albeit an expensive one — fly first class or business class.

That’s because U.S. airlines are starting to join the arms (and legs) race of foreign competitors offering sleepwear as way to entice and cuddle — I mean, coddle — passengers, Bloomberg reports.

The pajamas are now part of a pre-bed routine for many carriers that includes “pillows, duvets, and turndown service to replicate a posh hotel experience,” Bloomberg reports.

Naturally, the PJs are available for purchase online even if you’re not regularly flying to across multiple time zones.

No word yet if any airline is planning to take it to the next level and offer an adult-sized onesie.