Drs. Rudiger Breitenecker, Claire Weitz and John E. Savage | GBMC

Daily Record Staff//October 14, 2016

Drs. Rudiger Breitenecker, Claire Weitz and John E. Savage | GBMC

By Daily Record Staff

//October 14, 2016

Breitenecker, Rudiger GBMC
Dr. Rudiger Breitenecker
Dr. John E. Savage
Dr. John E. Savage
Dr. Clara Weitz
Dr. Claire Weitz

Drs. Rudiger Breitenecker, Claire Weitz and John E. Savage  was inducted as a Physicians Titans of Care for his stellar work in the medical field by the Greater Baltimore Medical Center at GBMC HealthCare’s annual Physician’s Club Dinner Oct. 10.

Physician Titans of Care honors doctors for their outstanding contributions to GBMC Healthcare, their dedication to their patients and the community, and their excellence in the practice of medicine.

Breitenecker is credited with collecting forensic evidence that was ahead of its time. Prior to joining GBMC’s department of pathology in 1967, Breitenecker worked as a medical examiner. He also founded GBMC’s Rape Care Center, a precursor to the hospital’s current SAFE Program, where he used the knowledge he gained while collecting evidence for city homicides.

Weitz has been the most selected and desired obstetrician to manage complex pregnancies for decades in Baltimore. Weitz trained in Obstetrics at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she completed her internship and residency. There, she met Victor Khouzami, who would become chairman of obstetrics at GBMC and enticed Weitz to join him and create the area’s best high-risk pregnancy service in a community hospital setting. Weitz believed excellent obstetrician care should derive from universities and academic centers and be accessible in the community hospital setting.

Savage led the charge in obstetrics at the Hospital for the Women of Maryland of Baltimore City. As the chief of staff he became nationally recognized for his management of deliveries using forceps with saddle block anesthesia.

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