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Criminal procedure — Writ of habeas corpus — Failure to record jury’s verdict

Jodie Hill, appellant, filed this appeal from the denial, by the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, of his petition for a writ of habeas corpus. The State has moved to dismiss the appeal because it is not permitted by law.

In 2003, Hill was convicted, by a jury, of first-degree murder and carrying a concealed weapon. Those convictions were affirmed on direct appeal. See Hill v. State, No. 2425, Sept. Term 2003 (Md. App. Jan. 26, 2006). Hill thereafter filed a petition for post-conviction relief under the Maryland Uniform Post-Conviction Procedure Act, claiming that he had received ineffective assistance of trial counsel and that the jury’s verdict was defective because, when polled, the jurors did not individually state whether they had found him guilty of murder in the first or second degree. After a hearing, the circuit court denied Hill’s petition.

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