Startup helps consumers compare lawyers’ track records

Screenshot from the Justice Toolbox website.

Screenshot from the Justice Toolbox website.

Many lawyers update their websites with glowing quotes from satisfied clients, but beyond sifting through these carefully curated reviews, consumers often don’t know how to objectively evaluate their options when they’re looking to hire an attorney.

This realization led Bryant Lee, who previously worked as an attorney at Covington & Burling LLP in Washington, D.C., to launch his tech startup, Justice Toolbox.

Drawing from public, state court records, the website aims to arm the average litigant with hard data to make an informed decision about a lawyer, including the approximate percentage of cases an attorney has won or lost, how many cases they’ve handled in a particular area of law and how many cases they’ve settled or plea bargained.

Users can search for attorneys by cities, region or practice area, or by using keywords such as “assault” or “divorce.” Once the potential client has navigated to a particular lawyer’s page, the site lists the lawyer’s top practice areas and embeds a map with directions to his or her office, in addition to displaying metrics related to the attorney’s success rate and level of experience.

While Justice Toolbox reminds users that “prior case outcomes are not everything” and do not ensure a favorable result in future cases, the site’s “about” page sums up the startup’s mission with an analogy: “Just as one would be wary of undergoing brain surgery from a doctor whose prior patients have all died, we believe that consumers should have some knowledge of the past activity of an attorney before hiring him or her.”

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