Under Armour’s Connected Fitness users took 30,000 trips around the world in 2016

Users on Under Armour's Connected Fitness platform logged 800 million workouts on the app in 2016 (submitted: Under Armour)

Users on Under Armour’s Connected Fitness platform logged 800 million workouts on the app in 2016 (Under Armour submitted photo)

Under Armour’s Connected Fitness platform added 30 million users this year, ending 2016 with 190 million users around the world. The Baltimore sports apparel brand recently released data on how much its users worked out, what they ate and how much they slept.

As of Nov. 11, users tracked 800 million workouts and took some 1.5 trillion steps this year, which translates to about 750 million miles or 30,000 trips around the world.

Millennials and Gen Xers were the most active age groups, with users aged 25 to 44 logging 57 percent of the total workouts logged on the platform.

Running was the most popular workout, with the average run logged at 3.1 miles. Hiking was the fastest growing activity on the app, with a 78 percent increase in users logging hikes in 2016 compared to last year, Under Armour said.

The average Connected Fitness user reported getting around seven hours of sleep. Users logged about 40 minutes of more sleep on weekends, but sleep quality went down by 10 percent and users were about 25 percent less likely to work out, Under Armour said.

About 500,000 people in the U.S. logged what they ate over Christmas weekend in MyFitnessPal, an app that is part of the Connected Fitness community and tracks food intake. Connected Fitness also includes MapMyRun, UA Record and Endomondo.

The most popular holiday foods logged on Christmas included: turkey, cake, cookies, mashed potatoes and pie, Under Armour reported.




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