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Ethics and financial disclosure report database new for TDR subscribers

(The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

(The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

The opening of the 2017 General Assembly session Wednesday also marks the expansion of The Daily Record’s legislative coverage.

In today’s print and online editions, we offer subscribers our Annapolis Summit 2017 magazine, a roundup of the in-depth stories we published in the weeks leading up to today on the issues facing lawmakers and Gov. Larry Hogan. Included in the magazine are a report on the state’s highest-paid lobbyists; a look at eight critical players in this year’s session; pro- and con-pieces on major issues; and much more.

Veteran government affairs reporter Bryan P. Sears and legal affairs reporter Steve Lash will be in Annapolis daily to cover the news, and their work will be supplemented by the rest of our reporting team.

This year, our subscribers will have access to a new and unique online database of the ethics and financial disclosure reports filed annually by all legislators. In upcoming weeks, that database will be expanded to include disclosure reports filed by senior gubernatorial administration officials.

Normally, you have to drive to Annapolis to personally seek access to these reports individually. Not Daily Record subscribers. Just go to our website, TheDailyRecord.com, and access our Annapolis 2017 page for links to lawmakers and their filings.

Also new this year, we’ll be offering regular, free webinars hosted by Daily Record editors and featuring Sears and guests.

Once again, we’ll be dedicating extra space in the print edition of The Daily Record and we’ll publish special sections during the session. We have a dedicated page on our website for all of our coverage from Annapolis, plus contributions from our partner news services, The Associated Press and Capital News Service. We’ve also expanded our popular Eye on Annapolis blog, and we’ll offer a daily email news alert you can sign up for to keep up with the news.

Legislative agenda

This year, the impact of Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency and the growing focus on the upcoming 2018 Maryland gubernatorial election have raised the stakes in Annapolis.

What happens in Annapolis will profoundly affect you, whether you’re a small businessperson, hospital executive, attorney, commercial real estate agent, local government employee or a startup entrepreneur.

Here’s just a small sample of what is on the legislative agenda:

  • What will a repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act mean to health care laws and coverage in Maryland?
  • Whose proposal on paid sick leave – the governor’s or the legislature’s – will prevail? Will either?
  • Will lawmakers override a Hogan veto on renewable energy targets?
  • How will the state balance its budget?
  • Will Hogan get his way on softening spending mandates?
  • Is this the year the state overhauls its cash bail system?
  • Will the governor be challenged on his edict that school shouldn’t start before Labor Day?
  • Will a fracking moratorium be extended?
  • Can an angel investor tax credit make it through?

Our reporters will examine these and other issues with an eye to providing insight into what happens, why and what it means.

As always, we’d very much like to hear your thoughts and ideas, and we welcome commentary and op-ed submissions on what’s happening in Annapolis. You can reach me directly at TBaden@thedailyrecord.com.

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