Video: Environmental issues raised at Annapolis Summit

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  1. Mike Miller said that there were no jobs in western Maryland? I live in Garrett County and our local paper is filled with good paying professional jobs. There are professional jobs in health care, office management, food and beverage management, clerical, state jobs, college administration, HVAC, trucking, construction, manufacturing etc and in the Allegheny County Cumberland Times there are over 800+ help wanted ads. We need job training for jobs not more jobs to compete for available workers.

    High paying gas drilling jobs also do not go to locals and the energy industry is historically anti-union. This very dangerous and technical work is done by out-of-state crews. A few hundred boom and bust jobs directing traffic or driving a truck will not raise the poor in western Maryland to paradise. Areas that go in for fossil fuel extraction end up at the bottom economically, environmentally and in public health. Western Maryland has already been pillaged by mining and drilling and has $50+ million in clean up costs from past extraction activities. If the energy industry is so great why aren’t we already in the promised land of prosperity in western Maryland?

    State leaders can do much better for us by being creative and forging an exciting and cleaner future instead of aspiring to the outmoded fossil fuel nightmares of PA and WV. Especially with the anti environment Trump Administration looming before us. We need strong leaders willing to take a firm stand against the fossil fuel industry and protect our finest water resources and headwaters for ALL Marylander’s. We need to allow the people in this debate the decency of getting back to productive good work without a gray area moratorium and help landowners accept the fact that mineral rights can’t always be developed if they harm our neighborhoods or threaten the long term safety of the priceless water resources needed by millions.

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