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Hogan’s tired of ‘stupid questions about the Trump administration’

Gov. Larry Hogan Thursday bristled at a reporter’s questions about whether he would urge the Trump administration to uphold a consent decree agreement signed earlier by the Department of Justice and Baltimore City.

Gov. Larry Hogan (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

Gov. Larry Hogan (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

Hogan, at an afternoon news conference, said he had not yet read the full decree and that a price tag for the effort was not yet known.

But the governor pushed back when reporters asked if he intended to urge the Trump administration to uphold the agreement amid concerns that Jeff Sessions, the incoming president’s U.S. Attorney General designee, might not go through with the agreement.

“You know, I’m just really tired of answering stupid questions about the Trump administration,” Hogan said.

Hogan, a first-term Republican, did not support Trump during the 2016 campaign but now finds that he may need assistance from incoming president as it relates to federal funding and infrastructure needs as well as a final decision on the new location of the FBI headquarters.

Prince George’s County is one of two finalists for the new facility.

Hogan was also quick to respond when asked why it was “stupid to ask questions” of him about Trump.

“It seems like the only thing you want to talk about…,” Hogan said. “As I said I haven’t reviewed the report yet. I think it just came out within the hour. I said I am going to sit down with the mayor so I don’t have anything to discuss with the Trump administration. If it requires a discussion with them at some point, I’ll be happy to talk with them.”

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