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AOL finally using Millennial Media

Verizon AOL AcquisitionWondering whatever became of AOL’s big plans to use Baltimore-based Millennial Media’s mobile ad platforms? After all, AOL paid $250 million for the company in 2015 as part of a drive to boost its presence in the mobile ad space.

Well, wonder no more. AdExchanger reported this week that AOL had finally rolled out a revamped mobile self-serve platform that utilizes Millennial’s technology.

“AOL’s SDK, which has a footprint of around 70,000 apps and sites, will allow advertisers and developers to manage their own ad serving, ad formats, network mediation and RTB, run reports on demand sources and pull the levers on brand safety controls themselves,” reported AdExchanger, which reports on the data-driven marketing industry.

Matt Gillis, the senior vice president of publisher platforms at AOL, had been president of the platform unit at Millennial. He told AdExchanger that AOL might be late to the party but that the company will be a serious player.

“This is not just AOL jumping in – it’s AOL plus Millennial plus Nexage, and together we have tons of experience in the ecosystem,” Gillis said. “This is like a coming out party for the AOL brand in the app ecosystem.”