Md. lawyer making ‘Wednesday’ happen

A Greenbelt lawyer wants to guide people trying to find their way and be proactive in the current political climate.

Brian Markovitz, a principal with Joseph, Greenwald & Laake PA, has launched The Wednesday NETWORK, which aims to promote “responsible resistance.” The group’s mission is to look back at the news of the previous week that impacts communities on a local, regional and national level and provide resources “to help fight back,” including information about petitions, rallies and upcoming events “so you can affect policy change at the grassroots level to protect vulnerable populations and ordinary citizens.”

Posts on the LinkedIn forum mostly appear — you guessed it — Wednesdays, with satirical posts encouraged on Fridays. The topics “should educate people and help them organize,” according to the forum’s rules. The group also prohibits personal attacks on posters. “Let the dumb ideas get daylight for all to see just like the good ones,” the rules state.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the group has 27 members. Markovitz, in a statement, said he chose LinkedIn because it provided “an ideal platform to build on our existing networks.”

“We are passionate about these social issues and committed to creating a centralized place where people can get the information they need to take action,” he said. “(W)e hope The Wednesday Network will grow into a powerful network of individuals throughout the country who are dedicated to bringing about social change.”

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