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R.I. judge lets 2-second parking infraction slide


Chief Judge Frank Caprio

Parking enforcement is no laughing matter in Providence, Rhode Island, unless you’re in court over a parking ticket that alleges you pulled into a spot two seconds too early.

The parking enforcement department in the city is so infamously strict there is a local television show that chronicles the happenings in traffic court. At a recent hearing, a resident who was ticketed at 9:59:58 a.m. for parking in a spot that prohibited parking between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. made Judge Frank Caprio laugh incredulously.

“Now, you were there at — oh no,” Caprio said when Sarah came before him. The judge held up the massive book of city ordinances that include parking laws which she was accused of violating and asked to explain what brought her to “this wrong path in life.”

Sarah explained her car clock read 10 a.m. when she pulled into the spot but she returned to find the ticket.

“Inspector Quinn, what does justice demand in this case? Jail?” Caprio asked the city police representative at the hearing.

In the end, Sarah walked away giggling with her ticket dismissed by an exasperated judge, and we’ve all learned to check the atomic clock before assuming you’re good to park in Providence.