Taking a pause for family

Scott MacMullanI was at the district courthouse in Annapolis handling an appointed attorney shift one night a couple of weeks ago when I got a strange text from my father.

“Scott,” it read, “we need to talk.”

Now, my parents never contact me past 9 p.m., so I immediately sensed that something was strange and wrong. I got another attorney to cover what I was doing for a moment and I called my dad. My grandmother had a debilitating stroke. She was stable but would need to go into hospice care immediately.

People who know me know that I keep myself busy with my growing solo practice, participating on a few nonprofit boards and hosting my podcast. I also am considering a County Council run. February is a busy time of year for any attorney but I’ve managed to put some extra stuff on my plate this month.

So when I heard that my grandmother was not doing well, I felt overwhelmed. After collecting my thoughts and talking to my parents and brother, I decided that I needed to see her.

Which is why I’m writing this a plane heading down South to see my grandma, parents and brother. I have cases that needed to be rescheduled and I missed multiple board meetings this week but it really doesn’t seem like a big deal when I’m getting to see my family altogether for the first time in a long stretch. My grandma isn’t doing well but I am going to cherish the time I have left with her and the time I get to have with my family on this trip.

I hope you get the chance — no matter what the circumstances are — to take some time away from your busy practices and ambitions to be with your family.