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Md. attorney to receive ABA young lawyer award

A Maryland attorney is being recognized by the American Bar Association for her commitment to legal ethics.

Lydia Lawless, senior assistant bar counsel for the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission, is receiving the Rosner and Rosner Young Lawyers Professionalism Award, administered by the Center for Professional Responsibility and given to one attorney in the country each year.

Lawless, who joined the Attorney Grievance Commission in 2011, was nominated for the award in December by former Bar Counsel Glenn Grossman. Lawless was informed of the honor this week.

“I was completely surprised and humbled when I got the call,” Lawless said.

Lawless will accept the award at the National Conference on Professional Responsibility in St. Louis later this spring.

“Ms. Lawless has achieved a stellar reputation for excellence that is usually reserved for the deans of the Bar,” Grossman wrote in his nomination letter. “Her work for my office, both as a regulator and as a prosecutor is at the highest level and I am frequently approached by judges  and lawyers alike with unreserved praise for her performance both in and out of court.”

Lawless, who has argued 30 cases in front of the Court of Appeals, was promoted to senior assistant bar counsel in 2016, the youngest person to hold that title.

“Her demonstrated commitment to the ideals of our profession is an antidote to the cynicism that so often marks the criticism of lawyers,” Grossman wrote. “The Rosner & Rosner Award is one that really looks to our future and the invaluable role that professionalism should play. With that in mind, I humbly, but not without certain pride, suggest that it is for individuals as worthy as Ms. Lawless that the award was created.”

The award is supported by the Rosner and Rosner Justice Fund, which is administered by the Center for Professional Responsibility. It was created by Seth Rosner, after his late law partners: Oscar S. Rosner, his father, and Jonathan L. Rosner, his brother. The award recognizes young lawyers’ commitment to legal and judicial ethics, lawyer professionalism, client protection and professional regulation, according to the ABA website.

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    I very much agree with Glenn Grossman having chaired a number of peer review panels where she has represented the Attorney Grievance Commission. Based on her record before the Court of Appeals I consider her a dean of the Maryland Bar.