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Keswick center to focus on healthy lifestyles for seniors

Keswick plans to create a Center for Healthy Living at the senior health care provider’s 40th street campus, renovating an already existing building.

The building will bring multiple programs Keswick already offers to encourage seniors to pursue a healthy lifestyle under one roof.

The programs include exercise classes, nutrition instruction and health education.

“We really wanted to be able to expand our impact,” said Carmel Roques, CEO of Keswick. The programs will, “help people stay healthier and stay in charge of their health.”

The need to add programs for seniors who live in their homes, instead of in assisted living or nursing communities, will only increase as the state’s population ages, Roques said.

Projections estimate that 25 percent of the state’s population will be age 60 or older.

“”Most of those people are never going to come live in a nursing home or assisted living, so we have got to find ways to help them meet their needs,” Roques said.

A center like this could also help seniors living at home manage chronic diseases like diabetes, she said.

In Baltimore, around Keswick’s campus, Roques sees a community where people can be happy aging.

“It’s becoming a great community for people to live in and age in,” she said.

Keswick has been running most of these programs for years, but they’ve been spread out into every “nook and cranny” of the campus. While the Bauernschmidt Building is renovated, Keswick will continue to offer the classes Roques said.

Classes currently offered include fitness options, including yoga, Zumba and line dancing. Other instruction includes healthy eating and health education.

That process could take a while. Roques said Thursday that Keswick has just issued a request for proposals for the design of the center.

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