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Criminal law — Sufficiency of the evidence — Criminally negligent manslaughter

Convicted of negligent driving and criminally negligent manslaughter by vehicle, following a bench trial in the Circuit Court for Dorchester County, Brandon Melton contends that the evidence was insufficient to support his conviction for manslaughter. …

The State presented evidence that (1) while operating his vehicle on a public road, Melton removed himself from the driver’s seat, climbed out of the open driver’s side window of the moving vehicle, and sat, for a period of time, in the window opening of the door of the truck; (2) during that time, Melton did not have his hands on the steering wheel, and his feet were on the seat of the vehicle, instead of on the floor, near the brake pedal; (3) while Melton was in this position, the vehicle started to veer off the road, at which time Melton reentered the vehicle, but he was unable to regain control before the vehicle flipped over.

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