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Campaign looks to bail out mothers by Sunday

Competing 80-plus-page bills before the Senate and House would require a cultural change in the way Marylanders view criminal justice, not as a tool of punishment for non-violent crime but as a recipe for treatment. (Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

(Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

A Baltimore organization is joining a national campaign to post bail for incarcerated moms in time for Mother’s Day this weekend.

National Mamas Bail Out Day was launched this year and the Baltimore Action Legal Team is fundraising to support the effort.

“We need your support to reunite as many mothers as possible with their loved ones,” BALT’s campaign page says.

The national campaign’s website claims that nearly 80 percent of incarcerated women are mothers and most are accused of minor offenses. Since 1980, the number of incarcerated women has grown by 700 percent and black women are particularly affected, according to the site.

Nearly two dozen local and national groups are supporting the campaign in cities such as Los Angeles, Memphis, Atlanta and Houston.

BALT will not use any bail bonding services for the effort and links to bail reform advocacy websites on the campaign page.

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