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Hollis Thomases

Daily Record Staff//May 17, 2017

Hollis Thomases

By Daily Record Staff

//May 17, 2017

hollis_2016_6464head-cropHollis Thomases

Hollis Thomases is an award-winning, two-time entrepreneur and founder of ReinventionWorks, a think-tank and platform that teaches adaptability. ReinventionWorks licenses content to and assembles unique workforce development programs for organizations and businesses confronting constant change. Hollis has interviewed over 100 HR executives, consultants, and career changers, resulting in the development of a construct called The Reinvention Continuum. Hollis, herself a “Reinventionist,” has had prior professional incarnations in food, fitness, and digital marketing. A columnist, book author, and facilitator, when not contemplating acts of deliberate transformation, Hollis can found mountain biking, hiking, actively tweeting at @hollisthomases or posting on LinkedIn.


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