3 important benefactors of limited scope representation

generation-jd-evan-koslowA few years ago, Maryland expanded the ability of attorneys to represent their client in a limited matter or only regarding certain issues. I believe that this is a win-win-win for attorneys, individuals who want to hire an attorney but cannot afford one, as well as the court system as a whole.

Limited scope representation helps individuals

Limited representation allows an individual to hire an attorney to represent them on either what they feel they need the most help on or what issue is most important to them. This could be a situation where the attorney operates completely behind the scenes and never enters their appearance with the court. Or, the attorney enters their appearance on the record for a specific court appearance or a specific topic area that is being litigated.

Limited scope representation helps attorneys

This also means more business for attorneys, because in many cases the client would not or could not retain an attorney to represent them for the entirety of their case. The alternative is pro se.

Limited scope representation helps the court

Limited scope representation helps the court because with an attorney involved, it increases the likelihood of a case settling out of court because the attorney can educate their client and give them more ideas and options to help settle the case. Even if the case does not settle, limited scope representation helps streamline the process that, procedurally, can be difficult for a layperson to understand, which in turn, can slow down the process.

If you are not already offering limited representation as part of your services or have not thought about offering this service, what are you waiting for? Go out and expand your business while helping individuals who need the help the most but are unable to afford a full scope representation.