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Criminal procedure — Writ of Actual Innocence — Significant possibility of different result

On January 5, 1987, 64-year-old Adeline Wilford was stabbed to death in the kitchen of her farmhouse. The investigation stalled for years, but on April 5, 2001, David R. Faulkner, appellant, was convicted by a jury in the Circuit Court for Talbot County of first degree murder, felony murder, involuntary manslaughter, theft under $300, and daytime house breaking. The circuit court subsequently sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Approximately 10 years later, after appellant’s effort to reverse his convictions by appeal and post-conviction relief were unsuccessful, the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project in Washington, DC, filed a Maryland Public Information Act (“MPIA”) request on behalf of appellant. Based on information that he received from that request, and in light of a 2014 report indicating that latent prints obtained from the crime scene matched another suspect, Tyrone Anthony Brooks (“Ty Brooks”), appellant filed a Petition for Writ of Actual Innocence and a Motion to Reopen Post-Conviction Proceedings. The hearing on these pleadings was consolidated with similar pleadings filed by Jonathon Smith. The circuit court denied both the petitions and the motions.

On appeal, appellant presents nine questions for this Court’s review, which we have consolidated and rephrased, as follows:

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