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Inovalon Holdings grows its dataset with federal Medicare data

(Inovalon photo by C. Kurt Holter)

(Inovalon photo by C. Kurt Holter)

Inovalon Holdings Inc., a provider of value-based data analytics services to the health care industry headquartered in Bowie, on Tuesday said it would soon incorporate Medicare data into its More2 Registry dataset.

In the last quarter, Inovalon began receiving Medicare Parts A, B and D medical and pharmacy claims data from the federal government for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, going back to 2009.

Once Inovalon has all the data, continual updates will keep them current, the company said. The data will be de-identified before its incorporation in the dataset, the company said. Inovalon estimates that once all the data have been received, the More2 Registry dataset will have data on more than 230 million unique patients and nearly 30 billion medical events.

The company said the additional data would enable better predictive modeling that can be used to benefit the quality and efficiency of health care.

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