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Lawsuit: Poland Spring water not from a spring

watercoolerA class action lawsuit filed in Connecticut last week suggests Poland Spring, the No. 1 selling bottled water in the country, might be no better than tap water.

“Not one drop of Poland Spring Water emanates from a water source that complies with the Food and Drug Administration definition of ‘spring water,’” the lawsuit states.

Instead, the lawsuit alleges Poland Spring’s parent company, Nestle Water North America, sells billions of gallons of groundwater to customers who think they’re buying spring water, the Washington Post reported.

“Rather than being collected from pristine mountain or forest springs as the images on those labels depict, Poland Spring Water products all contain ordinary groundwater that Defendant collects from wells it drilled in saturated plains or valleys where the water table is within a few feet of the earth’s surface,” lawsuit says, adding that most of that groundwater comes from southwest Maine, near the New Hampshire border.

Nestle maintains that Poland Spring is “100 percent” spring water, the Post reported.

The lawsuit has 11 plaintiffs, led by a Vermont man who says he spent hundred of dollars on Poland Spring water in the last 14 years. He claims he would have bought other brands of bottled water or had filtered tap water.

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