My trail to the campaign trail

I’ve loved blogging and have truly enjoyed the relationships I’ve built because of these posts. But, after a few years of being a reliable Generation J.D. blogger, I’ve taken blogger emeritus status.

One reason why: I’ve decided to run for Anne Arundel County in District 6, which includes includes Annapolis, the entire Annapolis Neck Peninsula, the Sherwood Forest and Crownsville community.

I started my law practice out of my basement apartment six years ago and did document review on the side to supplement my income. I threw myself into every pro bono opportunity or bar association project that I could and learned everything I could about the practice of law.

As my practice expanded, I began to meet clients in the local law library, then I out of Cohen & Greene’s conference room. Allen and Adam Cohen were nice enough to let me get my mail sent there, too.

After that, I moved into a modest, one-room office that seemed to perpetually to have that old-building “funk” to it, but it was home for a couple of years. Now I have a bigger, cleaner office in a historic building near Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.

I don’t think I will be a millionaire anytime soon but I enjoy my “small town practice” and I enjoy helping my small business and district court clients out in tough times.

Helping others, and being able to listen and learn from a diverse group of people through my practice and my podcast has fueled my desire to run for public office.

Being a native Annapolitan, I wanted to give back to the community that has been so good to me. I truly live, work and play in Annapolis. I believe that we must take a sustainable approach to the governance of Anne Arundel County — that is, act as if tomorrow matters. Bringing the community together, fighting for the environment and fighting to fund our schools are my top priorities.

So thank you, Danny,  for your marvelous edits through the years.  And thanks to The Daily Record for letting me grow with you these past
few years!