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yetso-brockmf15Brock Yetso

President and CEO
Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

Today, the organization has an operating budget of more than $3 million and 24 employees.

The Ulman Cancer Fund has grown into one of the nation’s top young adult cancer organizations, creating support communities for cancer patients across the country, handing out scholarships, and more.

The fund was started by the Ulman family, when Doug Ulman, the brother of former County Executive Ken Ulman, was diagnosed with cancer while in college.

“I’ve had the opportunity to lead the organization through 20 years of growth impacting thousands of lives,” Yetso said. “I’ve been fortunate to meet some incredibly strong and impressive people who are facing cancer and enduring some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

Yetso earned his bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Virginia, where he also was captain of the school’s highly ranked soccer team. He played professional soccer for a year after college as the starting goalkeeper for Maryland Mania during the 1999-2000 season.

Last year, he earned his MBA at Loyola University’s Sellinger School of Business.

“Brock Yetso is a born leader,” Doug Ulman said. “Brock’s impact in the cancer community is unparalleled and the City of Baltimore is fortunate to have such a great leader.”

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  1. My experience with the UCF is anything but positive. This organization and their leadership do more harm than good for the cancer community. They condone intimidation tactics to support their cause.

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