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york-carynmf06Caryn York

Executive Director
Job Opportunities Task Force

In her job at the Baltimore-based Job Opportunities Task Force, which works to increase the skills, job opportunities and incomes of low-skill, low-income individuals, Caryn York has proven herself a tireless, effective advocate.

This year, she led a successful statewide effort to ensure that accused criminals who couldn’t afford to post bond but were considered no danger to public safety no longer would have to stay in jail until their trial.

In the past, she helped push through the General Assembly a bill to have the criminal records of some Marylanders expunged so they could more easily find jobs, housing and other necessities.

Earlier this year, she was promoted to the organization’s executive director.

York also is president of Out for Justice, Inc., a nonprofit that helps ex-offenders re-enter society, and a member of the Greater Baltimore Committee’s recently formed Second Chance Coalition, which has the same mission.

“Caryn York is a passionate and savvy advocate on behalf of low-wage workers and job-seekers, particularly those with a criminal record,” said Elisabeth Sachs, JOTF’s executive director. “She has led several highly successful coalitions seeking reform of the bail bond system, the criminal justice system and workforce and economic development policies.”

A graduate of Baltimore City College High School, York earned her bachelor’s in International Studies at Washington College.

“The key to my success is staying focused on the issue and true to myself and the people I serve,” she said.

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  1. Congrats Caryn, I’m extremely proud of your accomplishments!!!

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