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fitzel-davidmf05David R. Fitzell

Senior Vice President
Howard Bank

In 2013, when Howard Bank asked David R. Fitzell to help build a team of best-in-class mortgage, the department had three committed people.

Fitzell, senior vice president of mortgage lending at Howard Bank, now directly manages roughly 70 mortgage experts on a team about twice that size. “Working side by side with these incredible people has taught me many lessons on teamwork and what it means to be a leader,” he said.

Leading by example has always been at the core of his management style, which is why he insists on maintaining a steady book of personally originated loans each month, he said. “I cannot fully understand the challenges and environment faced by my employees if I do not experience it myself.”

He’s a patron of the Cato Institute, a Washington-based economic think tank, and has served on the board at the Salvation Army of Central Maryland since 2015. “Helping to save lives and protect personal property brings its own reward in personal satisfaction,” he said.

Fitzell has also been a volunteer firefighter with the Baltimore County Volunteer Fire Department for almost 20 years and has received official citations from the Maryland Senate for his efforts. He’s taken on many roles with the organization and is chairman of the finance committee at the Long Green Volunteer Fire Company.

“With or without my uniform on, I’ll always have my eyes open for opportunities to influence others and make a profound difference in the lives of people,” he said.

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