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gamble-geoffreymf01Geoffrey M. Gamble

Saul Ewing LLP

On his last day of employment as a paralegal at the Department of Justice, Geoffrey M. Gamble’s colleague told him his greatest quality was his ability to win the trust and confidence of others.

This observation led Gamble, now a partner with Saul Ewing LLP, to make the final decision to attend law school and, later, to pursue a career as a litigator. In the courtroom, he said, an attorney’s principal objective is to convince the decision-maker, whether a judge or a jury, that his or her position is the correct one. Compelling facts and precedential case law are helpful too, but winning the trust of the judge or jury is an essential first step.

“This ethic is what drives my legal practice and is the characteristic that has most contributed to my successes,” Gamble said.

Mentoring helped him reach his partnership, and he’s formally mentored six attorneys and many others in his eight years at the firm. Gamble has also been actively engaged as a volunteer on the Board of Young Adult Advisors of The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, and organized partnership between Saul Ewing LLP and Ulman in connection with the Baltimore Running Festival and raised money for the cancer nonprofit.

As part of his firm’s pro bono program, Gamble represents people who can’t afford an attorney. He’s also provided training to local organizations like the Goodwill to assist Maryland residents with expunging criminal records to better position themselves for the workforce.

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