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Larissa Johnson

Residential Energy Program Manager
Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection

Over the summer months, Larissa Johnson visited multiple branches in the Montgomery County Public Libraries system helping school-aged children start thinking about renewable energy sources by building and testing small solar cars and completing a wind turbine designed to power a petite light bulb.

The events were just a few of the many educational and outreach workshops Johnson does year-round to provide residents with information and resources on how to save money and energy in their homes.

“What I have found is that energy, unfortunately, even though it is so important and we use it every single day, the average American actually thinks about energy nine minutes a year,” she said. “It’s usually when their electricity goes out or something happens. They are usually angry when they think about electricity.”

A Columbia University graduate, Johnson enjoys interacting with people. “When someone says, ‘Oh! I never thought about that.’ That is my favorite thing,” she said.

In 2013, Johnson founded the Baltimore chapter of EcoWomen — a national organization designed to build professional and educational opportunities for women in environmental science fields.

Johnson is also active with the Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland, Rockville City Commission on the Environment and League of Conservation Voters. She also teaches aerobics and dance.

“I believe you find time for things that are important to you,” she said. “That is true for all the groups that I belong to and all the things that I do.”

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